Don't Tread on Me

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Beauty in the Sky

We see strength in our Military and sadly, we see the Twin Towers. Something I never want to forget.

Niagara Falls... so beautiful.

I wonder who wins this battle? Ha

Anyone know the name of the old sailing vessel? What a beauty, not many left.

Blue Angels over San Francisco Bay. Watch for Alcatraz prison.

Too Close for me... Backoff Buddy.

Alcatraz and Frisco Bay.

Big Bird Coming in for a Landing??? Alcatraz or What's Left of It...

(JATO) Take Off... You Should See it at Night, Even More Impressive.
Navy and Marines, working together...

I Think They Call This a "SHORT ROLL TAKE-OFF". Kinda Close I'd Say...

Look, Disney World Coming Up...

Fantastic... How Do They Do IT?

All for One and One for All. Major Nerve Control Here... Wow

So Impressive...

Ya couldn't ask for anything nicer to look at this weekend. Our Veterans must always be Honored...

Which Way is Up???

Nice Boats huh...

Zoom... Zoom

Just Think What the Blue Angels Could Do In Combat! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

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