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X-Rated Stories for the Chicks

Wife's Surprise!

This happened last month. I am still shocked, anyone who thinks their wife is boring in bed. there is hope I've been married for almost 15 years, never cheated, and love my wife Terri. Met her in college, she has a killer body. 36 24 32. She tans like an Indian and always works out. She was a virgin when we met and I fixed that the first night. I had the best lover anyone could ask for, she didn't know my 5 inch dick was only average, she always wanted to try new positions and she could cum.. Organisms that could stop a freight train 10 miles away. The only problems in our sexual relationship are, the first time she swallowed my cum she didn't like it and I never got a blowjob from that day on, 17 years ago, and the other problem was she didn't like watching porno. Well that changed last weekend. It is the summer and the kids (our girls) would either spend the night at a friend's house or they would have a friend over. Well tonight they each had a friend over and they wanted to sleep downstairs in front of the living room big screen TV and watch movies. So around 8:30pm I set up their sleeping bags, made them popcorn, while Terri ran to the store to rent them several "G" rated movies. Around 9 pm I went upstairs to the Florida room and turned on Gladiator. Terri comes out of the bedroom in her bathrobe and steps up to the entrance to the Florida room and flashed me. She is wearing a black thong and a see thru black top. He breast are very visible. I was hard instantly. She grabbed the TV remote and hit play, the VCR kicked in and there was a woman dancing naked on a stage to several men. She starts dancing to the music and tells me to sit back and relax. What a show! There was a certain thrill to thinking any of the kids could come flying up the stairs any second and she would be in full view not to mention the Florida room is glass on three sides and all my neighbors could be watching! As the song ended and the orgy began on the video, she bent over in front of me exposing her butt hole to me. I gave her a great rim job. (a first time for her) She moaned and pressed her ass hard against my face. This went on for several minutes, my tongue worked deep into her very tight ass. She stood and ordered me to stand. She then sat on the sofa in my place, undid the button to my shorts and slowly unzipped. I could hardly believe she was eye to eye with my dick! She then reached for a drawer in the coffee table and pulled out a towel and two bottles of lotions. The white bottle simple said Swedish Massage Oil; the red bottle replied Cherry Flavored Body Lotion. She slowly unscrewed the red bottle and I glanced at the TV, the dancer was currently slobbering over two very large dicks! Terri lubed up my dick and began running her tongue up and down my shaft. I was watching in complete amazement and figured she would never start sucking, but she did. It was sensational! The more I moaned the deeper she went on my dick, easily taking it all. Even though I am not long, I am rather thick, she was moaning and sucking. The sensation was so wonderful, I could not hold back. It had been too long since the last blowjob! I said, "Terri, look out" she simply replied, "let it fly". I did. She gulped down the first shot and the second filled her cheeks, the third and fourth were too much she pulled back and it splattered her face. She took my throbbing cock and rubbed it in her face and licked of the extra and sucked it clean. I must have had the funniest expression on my face! Complete disbelief!

She then stood and bent over the sofa, exposing her steaming hot cunt lips to me. My knees were weak and my head was spinning, but I was determined to oblige the wet lips staring up at me. I shoved my dick deep in her, as I pulled it out slowly we both noticed it was at least an inch longer than usual. The blowjob must have made it swell to its max! I started shoving it in and out with all my weight, she was moaning and grunting with each thrust, I thought for sure the girls would come running up stairs to see what was going on but they were locked into their movie. After about 20 minutes of power thrusts, I noticed she still had on her thong, it was pulled slightly to the left to allow my cock access and I grabbed it with my left hand and pulled it tight on her clit. She started rambling incoherently about how great it felt and how big I was. This went on for another five minutes. She then reached back and stood. I stopped for a second and she pulled away from my dick. She then sat back down on the sofa and reached in the coffee table drawer for another surprise. I long rectangular box wrapped in plain paper. She handed it to me and said, "I hope you know what to do with this." I sat down on the coffee table and open the package; to my surprise it was a 10-inch dildo. I removed it from the box. It was huge, nearly twice as long as my dick and equal in width. She then handed me the two D size batteries required. I was in shock, almost auto pilot mode. I inserted the batteries and turned the base, it began to hum. She then rubbed some of the white bottle fluid on the tip of this giant and resumed her sofa position. And because I was seated on the coffee table I had a perfect operating advantage. I gently inserted the head. She moaned and adjusted her legs wider. I then move it in about four inches. It took her breath away. Two more inches. She took a deeper breath. Then I pushed with some force to the last inch, she whimpered a little and replied, "again". So, I obliged. In and out I pushed this giant humming dick. Her pussy was gobbling up this goliath like nothing I had ever seen before. The view was terrific. I had never really had such a sight. The smell, the fluids, and the sounds it was driving me crazy! With my free hand I reached for the white bottle and poured the thick liquid on her back. This got a reaction from deep with in her. She arched her back and started panting. I rubbed the lotion down her back and filled her butt hole with the lubricant. Gently piercing her hole with my index finger about half an inch. She was shaking all over and only seconds away from an organism. I stood, cranked the vibrator on high, shoved it deep in her pussy, and placed my dick deep in her virgin ass. She screamed. At least a cup of cum came out of her pussy and down her thighs. The smell of her filled the room. She collapsed on the sofa. I was standing over her with my dick now 6 inches and hard enough to cut diamonds.

She removed the dildo and placed it on the floor and started sucking my dick again. She poured a handful of the cheery lotion on it and continued to suck. The second time around was more work for her. She was well up to the task. This blowjob was a work of art, a combination of sucking, licking, handwork and kissing for a good 20 minutes. My legs were weak and I was covered in sweat when at last I came in her mouth. She swallowed this smaller load with no problems. I crashed to the sofa and figured I had just had the fuck of a lifetime with my wife. But little did I know we where only 1 hour in to a 3 hour fuck fest. We watched some of the video for about 5 minutes. She commented on a few of the positions they were engaged in that we have already tried during our marriage. As is the way of most porno flicks the players change readily and now we watched a threesome. Two women and on very well endowed man. She seemed very interested in this story line and said it was really turning her on. She got up to go to the Kitchen, put her bathrobe on; she was still wearing her outfit, to get a drink. I stopped the video (to catch a glimpse of Gladiator). Terri fixed a Bourbon and Seven-Up for herself and she fixed me a beer in a frosted mug from the freezer. Just then the girls all came running up the stairs, I quickly covered up with a throw blanket, kicked my shorts and the dildo under the coffee table and covered the lotion bottles with the towel. She fixed all of the girls a bowl of Ice Cream and sent them off to watch a second movie and told them they were to go to sleep when it was over. They all agreed and trotted down stairs with their dessert and had no idea what we had been up too. The rush of having got away with it was too much! It turned Terri on and she said, "Are you up for your last surprise?" I did not know if the small break was enough for me, but my cock was so swollen from the fucking and the two blowjobs I knew I could give it the try. I replied, "let it fly"..

I was sitting on the sofa, she told me to stand. As I did the blanket fell to the floor and my lumber was ready to build. Her eyes flew wide with delight and she got a sheepish grin on her face. The towel she had pulled out from the coffee table earlier was very large and plush, I did not notice at the time I hid the lotion in it that it had items buried in the folded layers. She removed a blindfold, an electric trimmer, travel size shaving cream and women's razor blade. She Blind folded me, reached under the sofa cushion and quickly hand cuffed my hands behind my back. I started to resist but she kissed me deeply with her tongue to shut me up. When she stopped kissing me, I asked, "Where did you get all this stuff?" She replied, "I've been planning this for over a month." The next thing I knew I heard the electric razor come to life. I stood perfectly still as she started to shave my groin area. I normally trim myself, normal grooming but never the bald eagle look. She had a plan, and it did not involve any hair. All I could do was stand there. It felt great and with not being able to see what was going on, I was really turned on. All during the process she would occasionally place my dick in her mouth to tease me. and it worked. When the razor went silent, I was disappointed but that was quickly replaced by the foaming sound. She spread the lather very thick on my groin, my balls and up the shaft of my cock. She then very methodically began shaving, what a thrill. One false move and I would have bled to death, my dick was so pumped full of blood from all this attention it actually was a little painful. But I was not about to complain. I could also feel another load building up in my balls. When she was done shaving she used a warm washcloth to clean me off and then pronounced it was my turn to return the favor.

She undid the cuffs and removed my blindfold. I looked down and was surprised to see how much bigger your dick looks with out any hair. I had not been that bald since I was 11 years old. She did a great job. I placed the blindfold on her and cuffed her. I trimmed her with four easy swipes. Her vagina was always well groomed, bikini waxed and in top form. I lathered her crotch and very carefully shaved her pussy 1st pass went against the grain and then a second time with the grain. She was impressed. (I had shaved a girl in college once; it was a little messy. She was a sister to the missing link between man and ape and had hair growing on hair!) Now with our new fashion statement, I laid her back on the sofa. She asked to have the cuffs removed and I told her there would be time for that later. I poured the message lotion on her tits and began titty fucking her. This got her all worked up; she started begging me to fuck her. I am sure, many of you remember the first time you fucked a bald woman with your bald dick, and it was tremendous. She wrapped her legs up around my neck so I could go deeper and she was practically screaming. She then said, "STOP!" I was shocked and since I was no where near to cumming I stopped. "What do you want?", I asked. "Place the vibrator in my pussy and you fuck me in the Ass". I had only penetrated her ass once, about 1 hours ago, so I was a bit surprised. To do this I propped her ass up with a small cushion and spread her legs out in a Y in front of me. I turn on the vibrator and worked it in her, she could only hold nine inches, this would mean I would ram into it every time I thrust in her ass. I needed her hands free so I un-cuffed her. I then lubed her butt hole and my dick with lotion. She spread her ass wide open with her hands I guided my dick with my right hand and spread her right leg with my left. Teamwork. In I went. She started to whimper again, it defiantly hurt her. So I went slowly for the first couple of minutes. She was biting her lower lip really hard. I thought, if this is so painful lets stop. I am not into that much pain. She thanked me for the slow warm up but told me to start pounding the fuck out of her. I did and she responded. She loved it, in and out I went ramming the plastic end of the vibrator against the base of my dick. Now she used both her hands on her ankles to spread her legs wide. I put both my hands on her thighs and threw all my weight into every thrust. Her body started to shake again I could tell the train was on the tracks. Her Organism usually last about four of my thrusts, this one was lasted nine. I counted. She almost went unconscious.

I pulled out of her ass and removed the goliath from her steaming cunt. Ran my hand down its long shaft and licked my fingers, the flavor was to die for. She was watching me out of the corner of her eye and smiled. I knew I had a load left in me, but was exhausted from the last round. The credits for Gladiator where now running up the screen. 2 hours and 35 minutes of pure pleasure. I laid down on the floor and she cuddled up next to me. We were silent for only a minute. She then pronounced that she owed me for the last double fuck. In the deepest depths of my mind I could not figure why, but I did not protest. I just said, "I love you." With that she sat up, retrieve the body lotions and began giving me a full body message. She worked every inch of my body, head, arms, legs, hands, feet, back and chest. I was covered in oil and very relaxed. I was almost asleep. She then said, "I am not done." And began sucking my dick for the third time. I could not believe it. After such a dry spell I was just amazed. Again it took her at least 15 minutes to milk me, but she was not to be denied tonight. I heard the hall clock chime midnight and I came in her mouth on the seventh chime. She swallowed the first shot pulled back and let the next two land on my stomach. Then as if to say, "better times ahead", she sucked my dick clean and slowly moved up my shaved groin to my stomach and licked the remaining cum down. Moaning and telling me how much she loved this the whole time. I think it is safe to say she now has an acquired taste. We cleaned up the Florida room sex palace and retired to the bedroom. That morning we awoke to the sounds of the girls in the kitchen making us breakfast. Terri looked me in the eyes and said, "Hey, if we hurry we can have a quickie before they finish." She mounted me, we did and the girls never knew..

Two days later she said she had another surprise, but that's another story. Terri had been acting like an eighteen year old all week. She spent a great deal of time on the phone with her best friend. She was singing songs while she worked around the house and kept winking at me. Something was up. Her first surprise was so awesome, I was satisfied to just let her think she was in control and I would wait for her surprise. I only brought up her sexcapade one time. To which she had a standard reply, "You haven't seen anything yet." I did get a blowjob on Thursday night. The girls had gone to bed, she checked her email and I was watching the ball game on ESPN. It was about the seventh inning when she sat down on the sofa and proceeded to give me a twenty-minute blowjob. All I could think was good things cum to those who wait. After she was done, she said she was sleepy and went off to bed, when I tried to follow she insisted I finish watching the game. I knew she was teasing me, for something bigger to come. Well on Saturday she took the girls in the car to go to friends house. I was working outside, when the phone rang. It was Terri, instructing me to go inside and read the note she had left me on the kitchen table. Before I got to the table she hung up. It simply said, "Surprise". I turned the note over and it read, "now go take a shower and wait in the Florida room" I took a quick shower and only put on shorts, no underwear and went to the Florida room to wait for my surprise. As I waited my imagination began to run wild. I was hard as a rock waiting in anticipation. First I thought she had videotape last week and I quickly turned on the VCR, only to be disappointed with a Disney movie. So I turned on some golf and waited. The doorbell rang, ok I thought. And I went to the door. It was her best friend, Caroline. It still is summer time and she was wearing a swimsuit pull over dress and sandals. She is attractive, but lacks the tits my wife has. I have always found her attractive, but did not really fantasize about her. I was a little embarrassed to let her in because I had this hard on for my surprise and I did not want to mess up Terri's plans. She smiled and asked if she could come in. I tried to object, but she would not have it and walked right up to the door and inside the house. And of course the first thing she did notice was my cock, bulging in my shorts. She looked pleased and then looked away. She walked into the kitchen and headed for the Florida room. We made small talk for a minute and then she proceeded to say, "I have your surprise." I was so shocked I made her repeat what she said. And she did, "I have your surprise." I still wasn't sure what she meant, so I ask her to explain. She proceeded to tell me that for over a month Terri and Her had been talking with a sex therapist that joined our community pool this summer. During their conversations with her they concocted the Goliath plan. For Terri it was a great success, but Caroline's husband quickly shot his load, went limp and started yelling at her. Screaming, "What had she done? What credit card had she run up? What was she doing renting porno videos?" It ended poorly and they had been fighting since. I still did not know how this involved me. Then the phone rang. It was Terri. She asked if I had a visitor. I said, "Yes, what is going on?" she replied, "I am with the kids today, were going to the movies, then to play putt-putt and then out for Pizza, the day is yours, what ever Caroline says goes. I'll explain more but I'm with Caroline's and our kids now and they are within earshot. You two have a great time. I love you. Surprise!" and she hung up.

Caroline sensed my uneasiness and said, "maybe I should take you down stairs and show you what Terri has planned and if your not comfortable then I'll leave." As we walked down stairs I noticed a scent. The room was full of scented candles. The trap was set. The victim entered. Caroline asked me to turn on the music, and she removed her pull over dress. It revealed a leopard skin thong and matching push up bra. She was 36 years old. Had two kids. She was in good shape, not great shape. B size tits and had a large scar on her belly from two suzerain sections when she gave birth to her two children. Her hair was a shoulder length blonde, blue eye and she had a great tan. She started to dance towards me. The bulge in my pants returned. She sat me down on the coffee table and gave me a lap dance. It was pretty awesome. I reached out with my right hand and fondled her ass. She responded with a moan. The ice was broken. We both slipped into the water below. She removed my shorts very slowly, a small amount of precum landed on her check as she was pulling my feet through the shorts. She smiled and said, "Terri says you came three times for her, don't let me down" and with that the blowjob began. With expert speed and hoover-like suction Caroline went to work bobbing her head up and down on my cock. It was rather strange having this woman work me over like this. I placed my hands on her head to slow her down, she would have none of that and worked harder and faster. I pulled out and said, "This is not a race." She did looked confused, "That's how Bill likes it" she replied. "I am not Bill". Make love to my cock and it will reward your efforts, beat it senseless and it will be over before you know it. Now, use some of Terri's Cherry lotion. Lick my Dick. Kiss the head. Gently stroke my balls. Suck on it like you are drinking a cool drink on a hot day." It only took her a minute to adjust to the "Mike" style blowjob, but you could tell it made her hot. She got real creative with her tongue and even rubbed my Dick around her face and breast. I handed her the oils again she dowsed her breasts and worked my cock. "I'm going to cum.', I announced. She leaned her head back, slammed her eyes shut, opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. I obliged my wife's best friend with a five shot wad of cum. The first two went directly in her mouth, one on her left cheek and the last two on her little breast. She quickly tried to swallow the load in her mouth, but it was just too much. She gagged slightly and then got the giggles. She wiped her check and breast with her hands and cleaned them with her tongue. "Wow, your cum is great! I want more." She gently sucked it for two more minutes to be sure she did not miss any cum. My cock was swollen from its work out and I knew that I would be performing for several hours to come. I asked her to bend over, she did, and I found her pussy was very tight and small. All I could figure was that because she had not had a vaginal birth she was only as open as her husband could afford, which did not seem like much. I placed a finger inside and was rewarded with a hot steamy liquid.

She was ready for some fucking. I then laid her on her back and went down on her. Her clit was much smaller that Terri's. Everything about her pussy was different. The opening was about 2 inches long , the lips were very thin and not very elastic. She had shaved herself and it's a good thing or I would have had trouble gaining entry. As I ran my tongue around her clit, she started gyrating her hips. She didn't moan much, she started talking dirty, "fuck, yes fuck, yes. that's it ooooh that's the spot, lick me again..." it went on. Her pussy tasted very sweet, I was really turned on by its flavor. I buried the tip of my nose into her cunt and started rubbing it up the clit. She immediately grabbed my head with both her hands and forced my head hard against her. She then grabbed two fists full of my hair, wrapped her legs over my shoulders and locked them behind my head. I was trapped, could think of worse placed to be trapped, but this was different. This position left her ass wide open to both my hands. The message oil was just out of reach so I ran a finger up her pussy, loaded it up and shoved it two digits deep in her ass. She pinched her ass tightly together and kept rocking my head in her pussy. Her oily sweet cum burst on my face. She started screaming. This went on for several thrusts until she went limp, releasing the lock on my head and my hair. I on the other hand took advantage and pumped her ass with my index finger several times before I removed it. I think she thought I was finished by the look on her face, but I had more planned. "So what is the plan?" she asked. First, bend over the sofa. As she did I was getting a great look at her ass. It was real firm and the shape was flawless. My concerns about the small size of her cunt became an issue. I pressed my dick head against the opening to her pussy and there was little to know room to enter. My first thought was correct as she explained that she had not had a vaginal birth and that Bills Dick was a very thin 5- inch dick. I responded, "Will he notice the change if I shove my fat dick in you? Wait until I use the goliath on you.. You won't be able to walk straight for several days." She got this great big smile on her face and said, "Do you promise?" and with that I bent her back over the sofa and found the soft spot and forced an entry. Again she started with the screaming. I looked down and rammed my dick in full length and then withdrew slowly. This rhythm was driving her crazy.

She was in pain, so I picked up the pace. Twice she asked me to stop, I ignored her. Small tears started to well up in her eyes. I stopped and asked, "Do you want me to keep my promise?" "Don't stop until you are going to cum, save that for me to swallow." She said very quietly. It was a side of the very talkative woman I had never seen. I dropped down and licked the swollen and slightly torn vagina. She was greatly appreciative. I also reached the message oil and worked it in and around of the walls of her pussy. While there I also lubed up her ass hole. "Just incase you want to really walk crooked." I added. She cleared her throat and said, "I am not leaving until you fuck me with goliath and fuck me up the ass with your dick." It was more of a demand that an answer. So I nodded and went back to work. I put her on her knees and started fucking her cunt doggie style. She started to stretch out after 15 minutes and I was getting ready to unload for a second time. I stopped and found goliath. Goliath is a 10-inch dildo/vibrator that runs on two double D batteries. I am the same width as goliath, but come up about 4 inches short. It is very intimidating. To Caroline it looked like Mount Everest. We covered it with massage oil and I laid her on her back. The Head disappeared quickly, thanks to my earlier work out. I turn the base and it began to hum. She replied with a couple of her patented screams and started up with the dirty talk. "Fuck ME! DEEPER, Fuck me DEEPER!" I started shoving, it took two or three forceful pushes to get it in an inch. Each inch tore he cunt slightly. After six inches it would go no further. Strangely enough she was in a zone. She was really enjoying the vibrating sensation and her pussy was stretched out to the max. I worked her her over like this for a good thirty minutes.

Now it was the time to get the anal penetration. The final four inches of the goliath was blocking entry, so I turned perpendicular to her rolled her on her stomach, told her to spread her ass cheeks. She adjusted to being on her belly with goliath protruding from her cunt, reached back with both hands and exposed her ring. The ass was pre-lubed and it looked great. Ready for the taking. I mounted her and forced my dick full length into her ass. She started screaming non-stop at this point. I slowly pulled out and entered again. Completely in and out I continued. Her hips started thrusting, adjusting again to goliath, positioning now to have an organism. It took longer than I thought, but she finally came and went limp again. I removed goliath and she was greatly relieved. I then poured the cherry lubricant over my dick. Sat her limp body up against the sofa took a seat and guided her head to my cock. She started slowly and was up to speed within 10 minutes. She was getting tired when I promised her I was very close to cumming. She got excited about the prospect of drinking more of my cum. The smaller load filled her mouth. Again she kept sucking for several minutes after I came. We sat there in silence for several minutes. Since I was the host I got up and fixed drinks in the kitchen. She joined me after a few minutes. She was still naked and did little to hide her body. She looked like she had been really been given a work out. We did not say much; I did take the time to enjoy looking over her body. She was locked on my cock, still swollen and the thickness was more than she was used to. I walked down stairs figuring she had had enough when to my surprise she followed me and said, "Lets try a traditional missionary position." Why not I shrugged and we started round three. She really seemed to have a great deal of practice in this position. She moved her hips with excellent rhythm and purpose. I found it very exciting and was really turned on. This also allowed us to really kiss for the first time. She was an expert kisser and she could fuck and kiss at the same time. We fucked for about 30 minutes in this position when she rolled me to the bottom position. By now her pussy was perfect for my swelling cock. She really gave me hand job with her pussy. I just laid back and enjoyed her work. After a while she noticed I was having too much fun, so she spun around and sat on my face and started giving me another blowjob. 69 with her is great. From this up close view her ass hole looked like hell after the butt fucking I gave it earlier. She started up with the screaming again and if I hit a spot just right she would sit straight up and bounce on my head. She was really enjoying herself. This was great sex; I was starting to wish Terri were here to take part. After she came on my face from the backward-seated position, I asked her what she thought about a threesome. She said, "I wanted it at first, but only if we included Bill, but now I only want you. He hasn't ever lasted more than 15 minutes. I think Terri was skeptical, but after watching all that porno at my house she is all for it." "Did you guys.. do anything to each other?", I inquired. "Sure we did." she replied.

We had been at it for two hours and knew we had another 2 hours left before Terri returned. After discussing our option we decided to watch some porno for a while. She was the first woman I had admit to me that she watched porno with another woman. The two girls one-guy threesomes, just like Terri, turned her on. She could not believe men had dicks the size of goliath. She fondled the goliath and tried to use it on herself. She became frustrated that she could only get it in 6 inches. I told her that was as far as I could get it; we tried several different positions together to get it in deeper, all to no avail. I then suggested her Ass hole could take it all. She smiled and assumed the doggie position. I slowly worked it in. All 10-inches penetrated her. Once. She rolled over and said, "That's it I am spent for the day." All the porno and vibrator investigation had got me real excited, so I kneeled in front of her face and began masturbating. "You're kidding right? You can't be serious about cumming one more time? Right?" she pleaded. "Open wide, I have a small load for you." I replied. I blew three shots in her face. None made it into her mouth. She wiped up the spillage and sucked out a drop or two from my dick. We rested for thirty minutes and then began cleaning up the family room. By the time we were done, four hours had passed, she was walking crooked, sitting was out of the question and she had gotten her pullover dress on. We have a cooking Island in the kitchen and we were in there talking when I passed by her ass on the way to the refrigerator. I lifted her dress up worked my hand up her pussy, and pulled my zipper down and wiped out my dick. She moaned and spread her legs slightly. I slowly slid my dick into for a last round. "Please cum one more time." She begged. "Gladly." I whispered in her ear.

You could tell she had never been fucked for such duration before. Her legs buckled several times, from lack of stamina and shear pleasure. She was really enjoying her standing ovation fuck. She was getting into her screaming when we heard the car pull in the driveway. "Hurry, Hurry!" she begged again. I tried hard to let something fly, but I was dry. I pulled out and walked down the hall to the bathroom. The kids ran around to the back yard and jumped on the swing set, Terri walked in the utility door off the Kitchen. She and Caroline hugged each other. When I came out of the bedroom, after I wiped the sweat off my brow and packing my swollen and exhausted dick back in my shorts. Terri kissed me a deep tongue kiss. When she pulled back, she looked me in the eyes and said, "I can not wait for the video." She had set up the camcorder in the family room earlier that afternoon. That night Terri and I watched the three hours of sex. She was so turned on that she fucked herself with goliath and she found the last load I tried to give Caroline in the back of her throat. As we lay in each other's arms that night minutes from sleep, she promised she would try a threesome. I'll let you all in on that after it happens

The End