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Girls Bull Riding Contest at The Hogs & Honeys Bar

On Feb 28, 2003 BikerChicks4U and Biker Girls Gone Wild teamed up and sponsored our first party at the Hogs & Honeys Bar in Orlando, Florida.

First prize was a FREE free breast enlargement valued at $4000.00 from Dr Tom Trevisani of Orlando. 2nd and 3rd prize were $50 gift certificates.

To let you know the bar was packed and everybody had a hell of a time, including Sal the producer of Biker Girls Gone Wild. He was running here and there filming every chick in the bar. And loving every minute of it. Me I just stood back taking pictures of all the good looking chicks in the house.

When the Bull Riding contest started the first few chicks didn't quite get the idea that everyone wanted to see their tits so they could be judged on who needed a tit job the most, so Cheryl, Sal's wife had to get on the bull and show them how to flash. After that we saw some tits and the bar was going crazy over it.

After all was said and done and a winner picked it seemed like everybody had a good time even the girls that didn't win.

Sal and I would like to thank Jay the Manager of Hogs & Honeys for his help and cooperation thru the last couple of weeks and hope he enjoyed it himself.





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