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*The Horse*
Back Street Choppers
Smoke Out VII

With smoke in the distance and a roar in the wind thousands of bikers descended on Salisbury NC once again for The Horse Back Street Choppers annual Smoke Out. From Shovels and Pans, to the plain and extreme they came from all over the country to make their mark and memories at this year’s event.

The weather was perfect and there was something to see at every turn. The crowed moved from one spectacle to another cheering on those in their brief moment of fame while entertaining themselves and others.

On the dirt track it was bike against bike with even a moped giving a try at speed. In the center of the circle it was

man against iron as some tried their strength in the anvil toss, while at the same time you had hell raising, burn outs and naked girls washing bikes. If you were in the right place at the right time you could see The Ice Cream Man from Hell with his topless entourage ridding through on the Cream Cycle, at the Smoke Out it all happens at the same time.

The Bikes: This year brought some of the coolest creations and talented
Builders, amateurs and pros. Some were impressive and had you asking the question how? While others left you scratching your head and saying why?

The People: It is the interesting characters that make this event so memorable with each expressing themselves in their own unique way. There were more beautiful women, new stories to be told and friends to be made. This is the party of the year where everyone is invited and accepted as part of the family.

For the past seven years The Horse has held their annual Smoke Out in June on the East Coast, this year they are proud to announce their second event of the year, The Horse Smoke Out West. The event will take place in Cottonwood Arizona October 6 & 7. And will surely live up to its reputation for a wild ride. The band line up will be the Supersuckers, Devil Doll, Crank County Daredevils, and Rocket 350. Chop Off Builders are Cole Foster, Scott Craig, Paul Cox & Keino, and Scott Webster with many more surprises in store. You won’t want to miss this, come out and meet the staff as well as the 2006 Horse Maiden winner.

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