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Salisbury, a quite little town centered between Charlotte and
Greensboro in North Carolina became a bikers haven June 24th and
25th. The Horse Back Street Choppers Magazine presented
the 6th annual Smoke Out bringing with it all the excitement and
mischief that comes with bike rallies. This was one of the best events I
have been to all year and well worth the long drive from South Caroline.
As my friend Kiki and I rounded the corner traffic came to a screeching halt,
we knew this was the place to be, wall to wall bikes.

  Once inside the gates the entertainment was well under way. Where there
are large groups of men hooting and hollering with digital cameras.
There are breasts to be found and this was no exception. First stop,
two topless chicks riding a mechanical bull, need I say more. If
you prefer wet breast you could have your bike washed by the girls
at no charge, they worked for tips only. God Bless America!

  As we made our way through the fairgrounds we checked out the venders
and bikes as well as meeting some interesting characters along the way
until we settled in where Indian Larry's Legacy and Choppers Inc. were set up.
We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Brian the singer of the punk group
Bouncing Souls, Paul Cox, Keino, Kendall Johnson and Billy Lane.
Billy spent several hours in the heat encircled by patient fans waiting to get
an autograph, picture or just to talk shop. Some of his infatuated admires
offered a little more to Billy as well as the rest of us watching,
but that's another story.

  A top the Indian Larry trailer we had a great view of the whole event as Kiki,
Brian, Keino and myself kicked back a few cold ones and swapped stories.
Big Chris Condon, who writes for The Horse Back Street Choppers Magazine
hung out with us for a while, we talked about writing, the magazine and
bikes. If you have a chance to pick up a copy of The Horse August issue
check out Chris's Lil' Devil Pan, this ride is sick.

  As the day wound down Brian and I road out for a while before heading
home. Needless to say flip flops are not a good thing to wear while ridding.
But Brian didn't seem to mind as I wrapped my legs around him so I could cool
off my feet.

  All in all it was a great day and time to head home. Keino invited Kiki and I
to come up to the shop in New York and we look forward to seeing everyone
again at bike events in the future.

Ride on and Stay Free

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