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This show will travel to 13 cities nation wide offering the newest
innovations in Motorcycles to ATV and everything in between. For
the biggest enthusiast they will find all the newest products, gear
and services offered on the market today. Since these shows began
in 1982, formerly under the name The Great American Motorcycle and
ATV Shows the attendance has grown to an impressive 600,000 people
and growing each year.

This year the IMS Show in Atlanta GA at the Cobb Gallieria Center
featured over 130 exhibitors, a custom bike pavilion and exciting
entertainment for the whole family. Some of the best in the industry
showcased their products and services, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Victory,
Cycle World, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha just to name a few.

Special Events featured this year in Atlanta was the Vintage Display,
with beautifully restored vintage and antique bikes. Free giveaways
from Suzuki and Toyota Tundra as well as The Factory where motorcycle
enthusiast could talk one on one with an expert about performance,
parts and accessories.

Billy Lane from Choppers Inc. was on hand signing autographs and
and talking with fans. While at the booth you could see his Chop
Shop tour bike on display and pick up his latest book How to Build
Old School Choppers and Bobbers as well as Chop Fiction.

For the extreme sports lover Balls of Steel Stunts was setup outside
proving once again that motorcycles can defy gravity. With high energy
music the Landers brothers performed freestyle jumps, front and backward
flips, wall stunts and wheelies coming to a complete stop on the back fender.
Brandon and Preston Landers started riding at the age of 3 and racing at 7.
After seeing a ball stunt show in Daytona Fl. they talked their father into
making them the Ball of Steel and from there their stunt careers took off.
They have traveled with the IMS Shows for the past three years, performed
at the Warped Tour, Ford 100th anniversary in Detroit, Harley Davidson 100th
in Milwaukee, appeared on 54321 and on Spike TV. Brandon can also be seen Freestyling on the cover of PITRACER magazine.

Look for an IMS Show near you. This is a great event for the whole family.

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